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Our partnership with Tettenhall Amateur Players got off to a fine start with

It was pleasing to see so many Goldthorn supporters there.
We trust you enjoyed the play, certainly the feedback we've received seemed to say so!


Previous GTC Production

Four full houses greeted our production of 'Out Of Order'
by Ray Cooney in October 2014 with gales of laughter.

The 10 strong cast gave a masterly performance which was rated by one
of our loyal theatre goers as our 'best yet...and that's saying something!'



Another runaway success when 'Two and Two Together', a fast
moving hilarious comedy by Derek Benfield played to full houses in April 2014.

Directed by Chris Wolverson, this romp had the audiences laughing right from the start
with its portrayal of Rachel (played by Nikki Tottenham) attempting to keep an assignation
with Frank (Tom Slawinski) at the same time that her best friend Georgina (Ruth Lewis) is carrying in in a
similar way with Rachels husband Victor (Andy Jones) in their two houses shown on the stage side by side.
Added into the mix were Georgina's husband Henry (Malcolm Holt,) a less than bright Neighbourhood
Watchman (Richard Green) and a very savvy cleaning lady, Mrs. Capstick (Elaine Holt.)


We played to four full houses for our presentation of 'The Constant Wife'
by W. Somerset Maugham in October/November 2013.

The demanding role of 'Constance' was skilfully undertaken by Nikki Tottenham, who relished the task,
and, judging by the many favourable comments, gave a superb performance. She was ably supported
by Malcolm Holt as her philandering husband John, Marlene Manley as her mother, Ruth Lewis as her
sister Martha, and Carrie Slawinska as John's mistress Marie-Louise. Others in the cast included Lyn Wardell
as Barbara, John Wiley as Bernard, Tom Slawinski as Mortimer and Chris Wolverson as Bentley.

It was quite a thrill to meet award winning actress Jenny Seagrove who popped in to see us during rehearsals. Jenny
has played the part of Constance during her stage career, and she was happy to have a chat with Nikki about the role.

Left to right:
Nikki Tottenham, Richard Green and Jenny Seagrove


It was back to comedy with our April 2013 production 'It's Never Too Late' by Ron Aldridge.

Packed houses were rocking with laughter at this clever, very funny and, at times, very tender play.
With extremely strong, highly praised performances ~ especially by Ruth Lewis as Susan and Jan Wolverson as Linda.


In a departure from our more usual style we presented 'Night Must Fall' by Emlyn Williams, a thriller,
from Wednesday to Saturday, October 31st to November 3rd., 2012.

Appreciative audiences gave us very favourable feedback on our interpretation of the play.
The very demanding role of Dan, the complex central character, was played extremely well by Angelo Edwards with excellent support from all the cast including Ruth Lewis, who took on the part of the waspish Mrs Bramson.

One point of interest among many was that in the 1938 film of the play, the part of Dora was played by
Merle Tottenham, a distant relative of our own Nikki Tottenham.


Our presentation of the black comedy 'Natural Causes' by Eric Chappell
played to four full houses from Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st April 2012.

Writing in the Express and Star, Jerald Smith said:
as in the case of all the best farces there are cases of mistaken identity,
witty dialogue and liberal laughs and all three were in ample supply
'' director Richard Green ensures that a lively pace is maintained throughout,
that the dialogue is crisply delivered and that the timing brings out the humour successfully.


We performed the uproarious comedy spoof on Agatha Christie, 'Murdered To Death' by
Peter Gordon to delighted, and packed, houses on Wednesday to Saturday October 26th - 29th 2011.

Judging by the many glowing tributes we received, our loyal audiences had as
much fun watching the production as we did in rehearsals!


Our production of 'Lord Arthur Savile's Crime' by Constance Cox was another hit with our audiences.
Another one of our members who is new to directing, Michael Conroy, was very successful in his artistic interpretation
of this excellent comedy - and, as usual, we had a lot of fun in rehearsals.

It was the play we opened the company with in 1997. So many of our loyal audiences remembered it with great affection so we decided to give it another airing. We were rather concerned about audience numbers when the announcement came that the Royal Wedding and extra Bank Holiday weekend would be over the Friday and Saturday of our performances.
We need not have worried - Wednesday and Thursday houses were sold out as soon as the tickets went on sale. Then, in the production week, the 'phones went mad, and we played to full houses on the Friday and Saturday!


Our production of 'My Friend Miss Flint' by Donald Churchill and Peter Yeldham, presented in October 2010, was a great success. Director Jan Wolverson, a long standing member of the Company who has played many roles on stage and carried out a large number of backstage jobs, is to be congratulated on this, her directorial debut.

JULY 2010

A concert,' The Magic of Theatre,' dedicated to the memory of June Green, our co-founder, was held in July 2010,
and was enthusiastically supported. The actors of the Goldthorn Theatre Company were in a very different
mode to the usual - with sketches, monologues, dancing and songs entertaining and delighting a packed house.

Thanks to the generosity of the audience, and the superb sponsorship
received from Ernst and Young, we were able to donate:
to the Rotary Club of Wolverhampton's Charitable Trust.

APRIL 2010

Our production of 'Blithe Spirit' by Noel Coward was another great success for the company.
We played to full houses from Wednesday to Saturday, 14th - 16th April 2010.

Writing in the Wolverhampton Express and Star, drama critic Jerald Smith said:
'Rose Gartside's production is fast paced....and the sparkling wit of the dialogue comes over well.
Richard Green is the smooth novelist Charles Condomine....Gail Arnold plays the larger than life
medium in flamboyant style and Ruth Lewis makes the practical, sensible wife Ruth entirely credible,
while Nikki Tottenham has a suitably ethereal presence as his first late wife Elvira.'


Our production of 'How The Other Half Loves' by Alan Ayckbourn played to full houses from
Wednesday to Saturday, 28th to 31st. October 2009.The audiences were delighted with
this hilarious comedy and, as ever, gave us many highly favourable comments.

The Wolverhampton Express and Star, in its critique of the first night,
headlined its article ' Genius Comedy Hits The Target '...high praise indeed!

APRIL 2009

Our presentation of 'Key for Two' by John Chapman and Dave Freeman in April 2009 
was another runaway success with full houses and very happy audiences.'


The presentation of 'A Chorus of Disapproval' by Alan Ayckbourn took place from Wednesday to Saturday,
29th October to 1st November 2008.  Once again, we had full houses every night, with a waiting list for tickets. 
Thank you to all our terrific supporters!

There was a cast of 14 on stage. Writing in the Wolverhampton Express and Star newspaper
on October 30th, the critic Jerald Smith said:

'there is a naturalness about the acting....the cast communicate the humour and the pathos of the play most successfully....the young widower Guy Jones was played charmingly by Richard Wall....Jan Wolverson gave a seductive performance as a swinging couple's female half....Rebecca Herdson sympathetically played the directors neglected wife and Marlene Manley's portrayal of the businessman's wife who wants a favour was nicely done'

August 2007

We were delighted to announce that we received a grant of 9,500 from The National Lottery Awards for All scheme.
This has enabled us to purchase specialist tiered seating platforms (pictured below),
giving our audiences an excellent and comfortable view of our performances.

The platforms were supplied by Stage Systems of Loughborough, using their 'QPlus' demountable platform
tiering system - a smart and versatile way of improving our shows!"

April 2008 Production
'Table Manners' by Alan Ayckbourn

Our presentation of 'Table Manners' by Alan Ayckbourn from Wednesday to Saturday April 2nd -5th 2008 played to 100% capacity audiences and we had to turn many people away at the door! We wish we could have put in an extra night!

The play received huge applause, and the audience was rocking with laughter, especially at the
hilarious dinner scene in Act 2. One of Ayckbourn's finest comic moments, among many.

Mike Kaiser GODA, our adjudicator, said....." the presentation was of a high standard with a great deal of attention
paid to the details......the audience was buzzing at the interval.....this was a highly competent and enjoyable
performance of one of Alan Ayckbourn's early classics....'


October 2007 Production
'Nude with Violin' by Noel Coward

Another successful production.
'Nude with Violin', the delightful comedy by Noel Coward was presented to full houses between
Wednesday, October 24th and Saturday 27th 2007.

Judging by the favourable comments received from the GODA adjudicator Mike Kaiser, and the rave review in the Jason Forrest Drive Time show on WCRFM the next day, our audiences felt the play was well up to our usual high standards.


'Rotary The Musical'
In a departure from our usual productions, and in order to give our singers and dancers a chance to strut their stuff, GTC took a presentation of 'Rotary The Musical' on the road this year. This show was written by an American Rotarian, Bob Kapelke, to celebrate the centenary of Rotary, and tells the story of the founding and growth of Rotary through funny dialogue and wonderful songs.


June Special 2007

A GTC June special was performed to full houses, to celebrate the Company's 10th anniversary.
The production was two one act plays:
The hilarious 'The Real Inspector Hound' by Tom Stoppard, and
'The Twelve Pound Look'
by J.M. Barrie.
This was our entry into the Birmingham Festival of Acting and Musical Entertainment and is an
extremely well written piece showing how a woman gets the upper hand!


April 2007 Production
'All in Good Time' by Bill Naughton

Another successful production. 'All in Good Time' by Bill Naughton was presented to 4 full houses between April 11th and 14th 2007. In his review in the Wolverhampton Express and Star, critic Jerald Smith says:

'Richard Green's carefully constructed production catches the macho, hard-working ethos of the time.... 1960's Bolton.... Gerry Hudson gives a fine performance as Ezra, and Liz Herdson successfully portrays the matriarchal figure with that streak of common sense which held families together.'

wcrfm Radio

Jason Forrest, a presenter at wcrfm radio, came to the GTC production of "All in Good Time". Listen to the review he gave in his Breakfast Show  the following morning on wcrfm by clicking HERE (Windows Media file).


The Birmingham and District Theatre Guild 2006/2007.
The Festival of Acting and Musical Entertainment - BFAME.

Congratulations to Richard Green for winning the L. Boughton Chatwin Trophy in March 2007 for most outstanding performance as Fred Midway in 'Semi Detached' by David Turner in the peripatetic section of the festival.

The Company also took part in the Festival week, with a performance of 'The Twelve Pound Look' by J.M. Barrie, and won:

The Will Horton Trophy for Runner-Up.
The Rose Bowl for Best Presentation.
The Birmingham Evening Mail Cup for Audience Choice.


October 2006 Production
'Semi Detached' by David Turner

'Semi-Detached' by David Turner was presented to near capacity audiences on 23rd to 26th October 2006. We were visited by a GODA adjudicator, Mr. Michael Kaiser.
In his written adjudication, he said: 

'The presentation was highly successful in that you created an area that was utterly convincing as a living home and people seemed to be at ease with it......another feature of the production which was used just about perfectly was the use of the audience with appeals going out to involve them, to make them complicit in a way.....You had everyone as a team playing at the same level, with energy, pace and projection.'

'The challenge of the play was to capture the headlong surge of events and to sweep the audience along with gales of laughter without having too much time to think about either the unpleasant realities of Fred's schemes...I think you did all of that well and used the space well to create a glimpse into the world of aspiring suburbs,. The team playing was of a consistent high standard and you gave us all a thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile evening.'


April 2006 Production
'A Woman of No Importance' by Oscar Wilde

'A Woman of No Importance' by Oscar Wilde was successfully presented to full houses in early April 2006.

The GODA adjudicator, Mr. Brian Watkins said:

'the Company's work earned them the commendation that an
obviously devoted and delighted audience displayed....
my admiration for the Goldthorn Theatre Company is genuinely deeply felt.....


February 2006 -  Best Male Performance, Chris Lewis (BFAME Festival)

At the BFAME Festival in Feb 2006, our Chris Lewis won the L. Boughton Chatwin Trophy for the Best Male Performance, for his role as Morgan Evans in ' The Corn is Green'.

Well done Chris, we are very proud of you, following in the footsteps of previous winners of this trophy from Goldthorn Theatre Company in successive years, Richard Green and Gerry Hudson.

Chris Lewis, BFAME Festival

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